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About Us

Komconsult Sdn Bhd was established on the 29th of August 1991in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Komconsult businesses is very much focused towards become the total solutions provider for IT & Telecommunications systems in Malaysia.

The management of the company comprises of executives who possess experience in the field of communication, electronic equipment and system design, computerization, system integration and software application development. All the supporting personnel have received local as well as overseas training in respective specialized area. Thus, as a system integrator Komconsult will ensure the design, analysis, development, implementation, installation, testing, commissioning, training and acceptance of the total  solution proposed.

Our business solution incorporate people knowledge, industry knowledge, expertise in emerging technologies and proven installation to further quality. Our principle and partners who have formed strategic alliances with us have rendered their whole-hearted to support our efforts. Komconsult believed strongly in training people and in return the people build the business to ensure total customer satisfaction. Hence, the basis of our success is our commitment to provide the most comprehensive and timely service possible to our customers.

As a wholly owned Malaysian company, we are proud of what we have achieved through hard work, teamwork and dedication. Our teamwork has always been the mainstay of our work culture while a policy of continuous upgrading of skills and knowledge ensures that Komconsult will always be at the forefront of technology.