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Our Brief


To be a leading Defense, Security & Telecommunication Solution Provider providing BEST in class niche system solutions to our customers locally and regionally.


Various field of IT, Telecommunication and Engineering solution provider.


We strive to meet our customer needs and expectations by providing high quality products and solutions that combine performance with valie pricing while establishing & successful relationship with our customers and our principals with key emphasis of strong integration services and capability to provide local support and maintenance services to our customers.


We established since 29th August 1991

Our CORE Values

01 Customer First

We exist to serve our customers

02 Innovation

We are intiutive, curious, inventive, practical & bold

03 Teamwork

Success requires teamwork

04 Respect

We respect and embrace people with perspectives

05 Accountability

We do what we say we will do

06 Integrity

We deliever our work full with integrity

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As Malaysia Leading Bumiputra company and a niche player in ICT, Komconsult has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions and services that are holistic, integrated and cutting-edge, covering the entire life cycle of systems and products.


  1. ✔ Increase Revenue
  2. ✔ Compliances
  3. ✔ Cutting & Containing Costs
  4. ✔ Increase Enfficiency & Effectiveness of Operation

  1. ✔ Consultation Services
  2. ✔ System Design & Implementation
  3. ✔ System Integration
  4. ✔ Managed Services & LCM
  5. ✔ End-to-End Project Delivery Capability


Our DOMAINS are Fintech, Telcos, Government & Defense.

Has been established with the main aim of improving IT Security protection from current cyber thread for the Government,Corporate and Industrial sector. Komconsult combines new innovative ideas with latest technology that are carefully designed and embedded to enable our clients to focus on their core business whilst being reassured that the business is resilient during normal and crisis situation.

IT Security Key Areas:
  1. ✔ Security Device Maintenance
  2. ✔ Penetration Testing Services
  3. ✔ Security Compliance as a Service
  4. ✔ 24x7 Managed Security Service
  5. ✔ Security as a Service

We offered high-end technology products and solution in Security Survelliance.

Security Survelliance Key Areas:
  1. ✔ Long Range Survelliance Camera
  2. ✔ HF, VHF, V/UHF Radio Base Station with VoIP Gateway
  3. ✔ Remote Monitoring System (RMS)
  4. ✔ Survelliance Radar

Our DOMAINS are Government, Military, Teaching & Private

Our healthcare solutions remove obstacles like inaccessible data and inefficient processes, so you can focus on improving lives through better, more affordable, and more accessible healthcare.

Healthcare Solutions Key Areas:
  1. ✔ Web-Services Framework
  2. ✔ Registries
  3. ✔ Pharmacy System
  4. ✔ Public Health
  5. ✔ CSSD | CCIS | PACS | Hospital System
  6. ✔ Laboratory & Radiology
  7. ✔ Health Portal
  8. ✔ Centralized Databases, Servers & Networks


Menlo Security : Web & Mail Security

Boldon James : Digital Classification System

Gigamon : Network Visibility Solution

Unisys : Worldwide Information Technology

Obzerv : Active Range-Gated-Night Vision Cameras

Oversee : Maritime Security Expert

QOWOSIO : IoT Solution Maker

BARRET COMMUNICATION : Tactical Communication Expert

ROCKWELL COLLINS : Aviation Technology Expert

ZETRON : Survelliance Expert



SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS : Medical Solution Provider


PRECEPT HEALTH : Acute Intelligence & Integration

Why choose us

Komconsult understands your business, not just your technology. Aside from an extremely responsive and friendly first-call resolution help desk, a forward thinking, methodical proactive team, and a brilliant project engineering team, we pride ourselves in understanding your business. We want to first learn the current workflow of your company, and then move on to presenting or demonstrating products that can create the efficiencies needed to strengthen your business.

Since 1991 we have been providing managed services in Malaysia, offering top notch IT Support and Management, as well as detail-oriented Project Deployment plans. Our comprehensive services list features all the tools and coverage needed for any business allowing you the flexibility to grow. Komconsult has seen smaller businesses flourish and thanks to experience with larger organizations, small business, government and private sector has the advantage of attention to detail, with an enterprise level of support.

Our highly qualified technicians have spent years at their trade, perfecting their craft, allowing us to provide knowledgeable advice and insight to our clients. We are constantly testing and researching new products that promise productivity, so our staff is constantly ahead of the game, taking the bumps in the road before your company learns new products, the hard way.

Our Strength
  • 01 Total Complete Solutions
    Total IT, Communications, Public Safety, Defense, Survelliance & Security Solution provider
  • 02 In-House Expertise
    In-house expertise providing R7D and technical support
  • 03 Local Manufacturing
    Local manufacturing facility & capability (Kulim Hi-Tech)
  • 04 Strong Partnership
    Ideal partners & strategic partnership
  • 05 Turnkey Project Capability
    End to end project delivery capability

Our blog

Komconsult New Website Launching


7th SEP 2017

Komconsult introduces new design website developed in house by our own expert.The design and development still in the phase one.

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